Sunday 13 March 2011

Image positioning

Image positioning on the track was one of the more problematic options of TrackProfiler. I say "was" because it should be way easier now. The new layout looks like:

If the image position can't be found -- the photo won't be shown on the map and You'll get a message about it.

And, by the way. Photos aren't correctly geopositioned when the camera time wasn't synchronized with the GPS time. When you upload and position your first photo -- TrackProfiler will memorize the "correction time" and all the following images on the same track should be OK.

Monday 7 March 2011

Edit GPS track point by point

A quick screencast of the new "edit track point by point" feature on trackprofiler. Still not 100% complete (must make it faster), but it is usable:

PS. This is my first screencast, hope You like it.