Sunday 5 January 2014

Happy new 2014

Happy new 2014 year!

As you can see from posts on this blog -- 2013 was a busy year for Trackprofiler. This year will probably see some more features. In the last few weeks I was compiling a list of features from users, and here it is. This is what you can expect this year:
  • Simplify tracks by removing too many points.
  • OpenStreetMap and Leaflet integration instead of Google Maps.
  • Easier handling of multiple tracks (bulk rename, change tags, delete, ...).
  • Support for the newer GPX version of: GPX 1.1 (and possibly more track formats, as well).
  • Show multiple tracks on one page. 
  • Multistep undo. At the moment the only way to revert an edit is to use "Revert to original track". With multistep undo You'll be able to undo only single edits.
  • Login with Mozilla persona.
  • Better editing tools for tags, automatic detection of tags.
  • Share waypoints between multiple tracks.
  • Public Trackprofiler API.
  • Bulk download of tracks on Dropbox.
  • User-defined colors for track segments.
  • Microsites (more on this later...).
In italic are the features planned for the first 3-4 months of this year.

This is not a definitive list, maybe some new and important features will be added, but I hope that at least two-thirds of this list will be ready this year.