Saturday 11 September 2010

Things to do

Just a quick list on things I plan to add in the near (and not so near) future. First urgent things:

  • User profile images,
  • Global RSS and user RSS feeds,
  • Track description for every track,
  • Trackprofiler logo,
  • Show all images (at the moment -- only geotagged images are shown),
  • Problem geotagging images for KML (which doesn't save timestamps for track points).
"Not so near" future TODO list:
  • Basic track editing tools:
    • Move entire track (for example "100m north")
    • Join/split track segments
    • Delete track segments
    • Delete track points
    • Smooth track graph
  • Basic social networking
    • "Friends"
    • "Followers"
  • Tag RSS
  • Email or RSS Subscriptions on TAGS and/or geographic locations
  • Geo search
  • Import images from photosharing sites

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