Thursday, 28 October 2010

Split/join/delete track segments

One of the biggest problem I have with my GPS (better said with the way I use it) is that I forgot to turn it off when finish my mountain/MTB track. I put my things in my car and drive home. The GPS is still turned on and it records all my way home. But I don't want that.

OK, there are ways to edit GPS tracks. There are many offline track editors that let you do that.

But now there is one more online track editor -- the new version Trackprofiler.

The full list of options is now:

  • Upload and merge tracks
  • Smooth track profile graph
  • Upload, automatic position and edit images
  • Split parts of track, join track segments, delete parts of track
  • Add waypoints
  • Change waypoints description and icons
  • Show descriptions on map/graph
  • Show your location on graph/map
In italic are new and enhanced features from the last upgrade. 

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