Monday 9 May 2011

Trackprofiler private beta to be launched

OK, I'm almost ready. Now, the list of editing options for tracks is:

  • Join tracks,
  • Split tracks,
  • Move single points,
  • Remove single points,
  • Split track segments,
  • Remove track segments,
  • Smooth (i.e. remove GPS elevation errors),
  • Add/edit/remove single waypoint,
  • Remove all waypoints,
  • Move entire track.
I completely changed the way how track editing (point by point) and track segment editing works. It should be easier now. 

The last things before launching the private beta are in the process. Hope it will be ready during the next week. So, stay tuned ;)


  1. Hiya...
    No news since last month_.. whassup? Can I get in on the private beta :-) :-)

    btw. I just created a new profile on your site, and I have a nice .gpx file. When I try to upload it I get a "page not found error" from your web server . I tried a .kml format as well... no cigar. GoogleEarth likes the .kml file, so I doubt it's a format problem (but who knows). I've tried different ways... including using GPSBabel.. but trackprofiler barfs on my data. arghh. Kanya help?


  2. No, KML, GPX and other formats should work just OK.

    I'm sending you an email.