Thursday 25 August 2011

Move GPS graph up/down

Last time in Ližnjan, we took a short walk. But, if you look closely at the resulting graph -- there is something wrong:

At the lowest point of our walk we were walking near the sea. So the lowest point should be zero. Instead, my Android phone measured the elevations completely wrong. In fact the entire track is 38 meters higher than it should be. I still don't know why, but sometimes smart phones get the GPS elevation completely wrong.

No problem, there is a new option to fix this. Just go to the "Elevation errors" tab, click on "Move graph up/down", and select the amount of vertical elevation change:

For example, I entered -38m (meaning: "Do move the entire graph 38 meters lower than now").

The result is:

PS. Thanks to Bill Casey for the suggestion!

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