Monday 21 November 2011

Online GPS Route Editor [screencast]

What's the difference between "GPS Route" and "GPS Track"?

  • A track is a collection of points of a path you actually made in real life. Track points contain GPS coordinates, time when it is recorder, the elevation of the point, ...
  • A route is a collection of points of a path you didn't made in real lif, but plan to. Route points don't contain elevation and time. Routes usually contain less points than tracks but may be helpful when you organize your future outdoor activities.
Now, Trackprofiler has a new option to create, edit and organize routes. You can see here a quick screencast on how it works:


  1. Hi Puzz, I find your site great for what i've seen sofar. I was looking for an online site to edit and combine gpx tracks. Yours is great. However. I do have an issue though. When I combine 2 round trips I have a direction problem.

    i.e. I have route A split up in A1-A2 A2-A3 A3-A1
    and rout B split up in B1-B2 B2-B3 B3-B4 B4-B1
    in this example A2-A3 overlaps with B4-B3 (mind the reversed direction)
    Now I want to join A1-A2 B4-B3 B3-B2 B2-B1
    When I join sections it will do A1-A2 A2-B1 B1-B2 B2-B3 B3-B4

    I would suggest an option to change the direction of I track and indicate te direction in the map as well.

    Regards (user) eltjo

  2. Hi Eltjo, thanks for trying Trackprofiler!

    Is it possible to send me your original tracks via email so I can test with them directly? If it is OK for you, my email is tkrajina(at)