Thursday, 7 June 2012

Export track stats to a CSV file

In the last two weeks I was hiking around my small city (Višnjan). I made a total of 737.96564616 meters uphill, 32575.07452042m long (32680.59386254m if counting elevation).

How do I know those numbers?

Because there is a new option in TrackProfiler -- You can export track statistics in a CSV file. For all files or for files with specific tags. All I did was to export in CSV files with tags "visnjan" and "hiking" and then computing the sum of columns with Excel.

If you tag all your hiking tracks with "hiking", tracks when you were in Italia with "italy" and Alps tracks with "alps" -- just enter "hiking italy alps" in the new CSV exporter form. The resulting file will contain data for all those tracks.


  1. Dear Tomo,
    I'm using your 'old' TrackProfiler.jnlp java program few years. I discovered your 'new' Trackprofiler web-based utility today.
    Excellent work, thank you and keep going!

    Is it possible to export Track to embedded code to be used in other web pages like google blogs.

    Best regards,

  2. Hi Milan,

    Nice to know there still are people who use the old version of the app. It was a very simple utility app, and I never believed it will catch on, but people used it (and a few still do:).

    Anyway, I was thinking of a embeded code, but I'm still not sure of a few details. I'll contact you my email to discuss them.