Saturday 12 January 2013

Gpxpy version 0.8.0

Gpxpy is an open source python library for parsing and manipulating GPX files. It is one of the core parts of the TrackProfiler web site, and one of the open sourced parts of it. In the last few months a lot of work is done. Two new important features:

  • gpxpy can now use lxml (if available) to parse GPX files (contribution from Isaev Igor)
  • Python 3 support (contribution from Robert Smallshire)

...and many more small bug fixes and unit tests to make it faster and more stable.

It is licensed under Apache 2.0 and there should be no problems using it even with your own closed-source commercial apps.

PS. The original trackprofiler utility app and the library used to show analytics graphs (cartesius) are also open source.


  1. Hi!First let me thank you for the great site. I use it to "correct" all my outdoor workouts. Unfortunaly since yesterday I can´t upload tracks as a "no page found" is return after putting the title and tags.

    1. OK, I rolled back the latest update. It should work now.

      Is it possible to send me one of the tracks that didn't work? It would help me to track the problem and fix it. If yes, please send it to tkrajina(at)