Sunday 4 August 2013

Add missing time on GPS tracks

It is easy to add new points on an existing track. Just click on the track and move the points marked with (or move the if you need to move existing points):

Those new points don't have the same metadata as the old ones. For example, new points don't have elevations. That's why the elevation graph looks like this:

There is a "empty hole" on the part of the track where the new points are. This is easy to solve: Just go to "Add elevation" and click on "Add missing elevations" and the result is:

By the way, you could use the "Add elevations" option instead of "Add missing elevations" if you want to override even the existing elevation data

But there still is one thing missing. Look at the analytics page, the speed graph:

Here, too, there is the same "empty hole", and that's because the new points have no time(stamps) saved

For situations like this I'm finishing/testing a new feature on Trackprofiler. When choosing it, the application will try to interpolate times for all points where the time data is missing. The interpolation is based on distances between points.

The "Add missing time" feature is almost ready and will be online soon is deployed now.  (BTW. Watch us on Trackprofiler on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ for notifications about the new versions deployed.)

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