Thursday 6 November 2014

GPX 1.1 and track routes

The first version Trackprofiler worked with only one kind of GPS files -- GPX. Not even all versions of GPX, only 1.0. That wasn't a big problem since 1.1 wasn't used very much at the time. With time I added more formats, but as for GPX handling -- Trackprofiler remained for years with 1.0.

Part of this latest rewrite is the ability to handle GPX 1.1.

Related to GPX handling comes another feature. Track files can contain three different kinds of entities:
  • Tracks (with segments)
  • Routes
  • Waypoints
Tracks are a series of geo-locations recorded with a real GPS. Routes are "planning stages" for tracks, they usually contain fewer points (per unit of distance) and are created by the user on the computer without the need of a GPS unit. Routes are usually uploaded to the GPS (not downloaded from like tracks) and are used to help people navigate outdoor.

Trackprofiler is a GPS track editor, but tracks and routes are basically similar, and that's why you can convert track to route on-the-fly when downloading. But there was one thing missing, you couldn't upload a track consisting of only routes.

Now you can, on the upload page there is a checkbox "Convert routes". If checked routes will be converted to tracks and then you can edit them as with any other track on Trackprofiler.

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